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Our Design Team

Still looking for more ways to use your Wplus9 Design Studio stamps?  Visit any of the incredibly talented Wplus9 Design Team’s blogs for hours of inspiration. 


Dawn Woleslagle
Owner, Designer, Illustrator

Professionally, Dawn has been an graphic artist/designer for over 13 years. However, her love of art began as a child while sewing with her mother, creating pottery with her grandmother, and teaching herself to oil paint by watching Bob Ross. "And here lives a happy little tree." Sorry, I couldn't resist. It wasn't until she was an adult that she realized she could earn a living doing what she loved through graphic design.

She was introduced to papercrafting by way of a Stampin' Up! party. Little did she know how much she would come to love the art of card making. When she realized that she could combine her love of graphic illustration and stamping, Wplus9 Design Studio was born. It was a match made in heaven.

"I am absolutely in awe every time I see a creation in blogland or gracing the pages of a magazine using stamps that I designed! It is the most rewarding and exhilarating feeling in the world. I am truly grateful to each and every person who supports Wplus9 and look forward to providing high quality stamps and accessories for as long as you all will have me!" ~ Dawn

Visit Dawn at www.stampawaywithme.blogspot.com.



Cristina Kowalczyk

Cristina Kowalczyk

Cristina is the author of two books – a short story collection called Come Together, Fall Apart and a novel entitled The World in Half. She’s currently working on her second novel while also taking care of her 4-year-old daughter and being a wife to her amazingly supportive husband. On top of that, she tries to squeeze in cardmaking time every day, and you can find her work in recent issues of Paper Crafts and CARDS. Cristina discovered cardmaking about a year ago when she went to a Stampin’ Up! stamp camp and hasn’t looked back since. A self-proclaimed stamper at heart, she has a CAS style, although she loves looking at lots of different styles – there’s always so much to learn! Cristina lives in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Cristina's unmistakable clean and graphic style is truly something to envy.

Visit Cristina at www.mypapersecret.blogspot.com.




Elise Durenberger

Elise has been passionately paper crafting since the incubation of her second child, and has yet to see the passion wane.  With a lifetime of creative experience fueling her excitement, a degree in Art Studio, and a clause in her marital contract that clearly states "will always need to acquire art materials, and must be allowed to explore any and all artistic curiosity and experience befitting, said artist/bride to be...", she is all about artistic freedom! And don't worry, her father was sure to warn her then fiance about the seriousness of that commitment.

Honoring said clause, she is joyfully married, and the mother of two darling, but growing up way too fast children, living her dream of "Ranch life" in Northern California. With 5 horses, four dogs, two cats, and a 95 year old Great Granny, she turns to paper crafting to keep her sane! Just like her contagiously uplifting spirit, you'll find her style to be fun, playful, and inspiring.

"Participating in the blog movement has been an enormous boom to me creatively. But even more importantly, personally. I have met and bonded with so many wonderful, talented and darling paper crafting folks, all of whom I cherish with the intimacy of "real life" relationships. One day, I plan to have a huge paper crafting party and invite all-o-you!  But for now, I'll just do the best I can to offer some creative mojo and inspiration with Wplus9 Design Studio's unique and wonderful images. What a fun and wild ride!  Yee Haw!" ~ Elise

Visit Elise at www.mamacowcreations.blogspot.com.



Jean Martin

Jean Martin

Jean Martin lives in Long Island, New York. Originally from the Philippines, she came here in 2008 to marry her best friend, Ren. Happily married for 2 years and 8 months now, they are owned by 3 cats who keep them very busy. An Office Manager at their family-run veterinary hospital, Jean has always wanted to try her hand at graphic design. She started blogging and card making January of last year. Scrapbooking provided a gateway into paper crafts, but didn't hold her interest for long. Cardmaking hooked her permanently. Through joining challenges online, she was scooped up to join the Design Teams of some of the best challenge sites in blogland. She is totally enjoying her new hobby and I hopes to be doing so for a long, long time.

Jean's soft and romantic shabby chic style is one that, I myself, simply love. Her use of color and embellishments is truly stunning.

Visit Jean at www.stampin-scrapper.blogspot.com.




Jinny Newlin

Jinny is a former kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home. She is currently home schooling her smart and spunky seven-year-old Ezekiel and her very vocal and tenacious one-year-old Adina. She and her husband BJ feel overwhelmingly blessed to call them theirs. When Jinny's not taking care of or playing with her family, you can find her cooking and baking, gardening, camping, sewing, teaching Sunday school, or of course, papercrafting. Her love for stamping began over nine years ago at a Stampin' Up workshop, but her love of creating began before birth.

"I'm so excited and truly honored to be joining the Wplus9 Design Team. I hope that I can inspire you to get crafting." ~ Jinny

Visit Jinny at www.jinnynewlin.blogspot.com.




Kerrianne Gwin
Designer, Illustrator

Kerrianne is currently a Web Design and Usability Analyst for a large banking company. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design and a Masters in Business Administration, she turns to paper crafting to fulfill her love and need for creativity. She is drawn to clean and simple designs.

"When I find the time, I enjoy every minute of the serenity that being creative provides me. After a long day in the office I love spending a couple of hours coming up with something fun and new and love to join in on craft clubs on the weekends. My favorite part of crafting is the joy it brings to others when I create gifts and cards that they know come from the heart and have a special touch from me!" ~ Kerrianne

Visit Kerrianne at www.retrogirlycreative.blogspot.com.




Lea Lawson

Lea Lawson resides in beautiful Missoula, Montana. She has been married to her wonderful husband, Josh, for almost 9 years, and they have two of the cutest dogs in the world- a yorkie named Bailey and a cocker spaniel named Sadie. Lea is a professional photographer, who focuses on weddings and senior portraiture, but also throws her hat in on some families and babies at times.

Lea has been crafting in some shape or form for as long as she can remember! While she used to scrapbook more than she made cards, the tables have completely turned and she actually barely scrapbooks any longer. She almost 100% exclusively make cards now, and is loving it! She feels that the card making community is wonderful, and appreciates all of the amazing women she has met throughout the community. You can see her work on her personal blog, in addition to her numerous publications in magazines like Paper Crafts Magazine/Special Issues, and Cards Magazine.

Visit Lea at www.leascupcakesandsunshine.blogspot.com.




Savitri Wilder

Savitri has a great love for not only paper crafting, but digital and hybrid crafting as well. Her designs are colorful and playful. She has a talent for taking a clean and simple style and adding just the right amount of whimsy to break up the grid.

In addition to her artistic wonders, Savitri is a devoted mother mother and wife, and embarking on an overseas adventure. England will be very fortunate to be graced with her wonderful skills and spirit for the next four years.

"We're very excited about this opportunity!" ~ Savitri

Visit Savitri at www.scrapbit.com.