We've put together some of the most commonly asked questions below.  Didn't find the answer to your question below? Contact us here.

Products & Releases

When will an item be back in stock?

We try to restock inventory before it goes out of stock.  However, sometimes we are unable to anticipate the popularity of an item. Restocks usually take appox. 2-3 weeks.

You can subscribe to our Recent News RSS feed to keep up to date on stock updates and expected dates located on our homepage and the footer at the bottom of every page.

You can also find our products at many of your favorite retailers!  They just may have what you are looking for.  You can find a list of retailers here.

What is the "click here to be notified" link next to a sold out item and how does it work?
When an item is out of stock, a "click here to be notified" link will become available. You can click this link to launch your email and send a request to customer service. The "To" and "Subject" will automatically be filled in with the product information and all you need to do is hit "send".  We will handle the rest from there.

Once new inventory arrives and is available for purchase we will notify customers in the following order:

  1. Email all requested notifications
  2. News blasts on Facebook and Twitter
  3. News blast on Recent News feed

You can subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and subscribe to the RSS feed for our Recent News announcements to keep up to date with Wplus9.

Which home die cutting machines are your dies compatible with?
Our thin steel rule dies are compatible with most manual home die cutting machines including:

  • Big shot
  • Big Kick
  • Revolution
  • Epic 6
  • Cuttlebug
  • Double Do (Europe)
  • Wizard
  • Grand Calibur
  • Big Shot Pro (with proper Adapters)
  • Vagabond
  • Gemini

Please refer to each machines individual manufacuturer's directions for proper sandwich construction. Some intricate dies or impression plates may require a shim. However remember, you want your sandwich to be snug, but never force it through your machine.

Can I separate my steel rule dies?
You will find that we offer three types of dies, groups of loose dies sold as one unit, multiple shapes contained on one solid sheet of metal, and mutliple shapes connected by thin metal wires.

You can absolutely separate the dies connected by thin metal wires. To separate, gently bend the die back and forth at the connection point until it snaps. This will not void your manufacturer's warranty and we recommend that you separate the dies if you experience an issues with complete cuts when running the die as one unit.

***We do not recommend cutting apart any dies that are not connected by thin metal connectors. We can not guarantee the manufacturer's warranty if you cut apart a solid die using tin snips or other tools.

I think my die is defective, it is not cutting all of the shapes completely, what should I do?
If your die is not cutting completely, here are some tips/tricks to try first:

  1. Are your cutting plates old or warped?  Try replacing your plates.
  2. Make sure the material you are trying to cut is not too thick. Are you having trouble cutting this same material with any of our other dies?
  3. Is it a group of dies connected by thin metal wires? Try separating the dies and running the desired shape through you machine on it's own. This technique has worked well for us and the Wplus9 Design Team.

If none of the above helps or seems to be the cause, contact Wplus9 using our Contact Us form.

What is your Returns Policy?
Our Returns Policy can be found here.


What forms of payment does WPlus9 accept?
Wplus9 accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Paypal. Debit/Check cards that are backed by any of the above listed cards are accepted as well.

My order was declined. Why?
There are several reasons your order could have been declined.

  • Card Issuer Declined: If there is not an Authorization Code listed in your email notification, this means your card issuer declined the transaction and you will have to contact your card issuer for more information on why.
  • Merchant Declined: If there is an Authorization Code listed in your email and your transaction was still declined, this means Wplus9 chose not to capture your payment. This is most commonly because the payment details entered at checkout did not match the information your card holder had on file for you.  Please check the entered billing address, card number, expiration date, and CVV/AVS code entered at checkout.  These details must exactly match what your card issuer has on file.

Although these are the most common reasons, it could also be because:

  • Your card issuer does not support the security verification tools in place.
  • You've selected a card type we do not accept. We currently accept Discover, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal.

I placed an order and now the items I purchased are on sale. Can I get a price adjustment?

We are happy to price adjust purchases made within 48 hours preceding a sale*.

*Excludes "FLASH sales" and "Black Friday" sales, these sales can not be applied to previous purchases.


Do you ship internationally?
Wplus9 offers two choices for international shipping.

  • USPS First Class International Shipping (2-3 weeks)
    First Class international shipping is the most economical international shipping option, however, it does not provide tracking or insurance. Time sensitive orders should use USPS Priority International Shipping.
  • USPS Priority International Shipping (7-10 business days)

Read more about our shipping options here.

I think my shipment is lost, what do I do?
It is very rare for a package to be lost.  However, if your package still has not arrived 30 days after it's ship date, contact Wplus9 using our Contact Us form to start the claim process.